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360-5 Creative is designed to be nimble.

To provide creative vision paired with real solutions.

To empower moments.

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Introducing our law firm


360-5 Creative believes in the power of the moment. The moment where one's dreams become reality and one's heart sings. Every event is an opportunity to provide a moment in life where everything is right, everything is beautiful, everything is more than thought possible. 

360-5 Creative offers vision boards, custom fabrication, rentals, decades of design expertise, holistic design, and anything our clients dream up! We are an experienced team focused on customer satisfaction and joy. An event is a very personal experience, we are here to listen, to learn, and to provide a limitless partner. 

Let's start co-creating!

Event rental bar table




Give us an idea, a concept, a color, a location and we will make your vision come to life via a design board. A board suggesting lounges, bars, tables, place settings, special accents, perimeter decor, instagrammable moments - contact us, we are eager to co-create and share what we have to offer! 



We love design, all parts, and a big part to us is creating something new out of something existing. From cocktail table wraps, to branding on all types of products/ materials, to re-upholstering furniture to fit your event design. We do and have done it all!



We offer a variety of beautiful  stylish, custom, high quality rentals: lounge sets, bar, bar backs, tables, dining chairs, perimeter decor, draping, lighting and so much more!



We believe in wholeness, being grateful for the earth we live on, our furry friends of all kinds, and we believe in giving back. We strive to make gorgeous and produce events with an environmentally mindful focus. 

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.

-Douglas H. Everett

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