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 Founded in the year of the Pig

At the creation of this 360-5 Creative, the founding idea was to create impactful, beautiful, functional, and sustainable events. We also started this company in the year of the Pig, a year symbolic of good fortune and luck. We have gathered a team that empowers themselves on turning the impossible into the possible. We are dynamic and passionate. Each teammate brings something special and unique to each event we produce; we have those whom love to craft with their hands, those who love lighting and how it completely amplifies an event, those who love design and bringing branding to life, and those whose heart lies with bringing the whole event together.


Whether it's a simple rental or a blown out VIP Bash - we are eager to co-create with you! 

Sarah Carey.jpg

Sarah Carey,

Designer & Engineer


Gretchen Amerongen,

The Big Cheese

Megan Goldberg pic.jpeg

Meg Goldberg,

Artist & Designer

Climbing a Mountian

Eric Brumberg,

Warehouse Manager


Danny D.,

Craftsman & Carpenter

Jumping Mountain Biker

Nate Dog,

Event Producer



Co-Event Producer



Chief Happy Patrol

Tay 2.jpg


Customer Service Guru

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” 

( Hazrat Inavat Khan)

Midsummer_Full Set_Lowcountry.jpg

 Experience and Actualized Imagination

Tell us about your event

360-5 Creative is designed to be nimble. To provide creative vision paired with real solutions. To empower moments. 

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